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Cryptocurrency is a new form of digital money. It is a digital or virtual currency that is secured by cryptography, which makes it nearly impossible to counterfeit or double-spend.

Crypto mining actually means adding more crypto coins to the digital currency ecosystem. Mining is a process which aids calculations and transaction verification for decentralized networks. Mining supports the decentralized network, and the miners get rewarded for their activity. The reward is represented in cryptocurrency. Miners connect to pools which incorporate many devices, distribute, and optimize tasks. All the cryptocurrency mined is distributed among all miners under our pool in accordance with their shares within the system.

Cloud mining is a mode of gaining bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency without using personal devices. Miners under cloud mining services buy contracts allowing them to “rent” the devices from the owners of large data centers and gain the funds mined by those devices.

To start mining with the service you need to register and purchase your first contract. You can do it in My Account - Dashboard section. Later you will be able to see how much cryptocurrency you have gained with your capacities.

We have our largest data centres in the Free Economic Zone in Hrazdan located in Armenia to foster high tech startups, with an emphasis on AI and blockchain technology. In this special economic zone which offers a zero income and property tax rate for 25 years is our industrial cloud mining center with over 200 MW of power capacity. Since we already have enough electricity for free, we use all investments or contract deposits for the maintenance and upgrade of our mining hardware as well as for the purchase of hashpower which we use in mining and making profits for ourselves and our clients. We have a technical support available 24/7. There is also a payout system that is both transparent, and timely as it provides payments every 24 hours.

The service fee may vary depending on the contract. The service fee covers service infrastructure maintenance costs, 24/7 technical support for our clients and referral program members.

The contract will be activated the next day after the payment. The first payout will be made within 24 hours since the activation.