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Alpha Pro Limited is an active company incorporated on 21 April 2004 with the registered office located in London, Greater London. Alpha Pro Limited has been running for 17 years. The mission is to leverage our research & development team to enable business entities to fully transition and maximize the benefits through various application of the distributed ledger technology (DLT) including trading and mining of cryptocurrencies.


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In 2004, a group of scholars, consisting of wealth management experts, financial advisers as well as blockchain analysts and cyber security specialists, got interested in the phenomenon of Cryptocurrencies especially Bitcoins, and the development of new alternative currencies, otherwise called Altcoins. Our team includes the best specialists in economics, financing, mining, forex trading as well as highly specialized technical experts. Some of them already have the necessary experience and previously were involved in the development of algorithms of cryptocurency mining. We have over five data centers and repeatedly upgraded technical mining equipment’s, retaining the traditional mining servers as we progress to the modern ASIC miners such as KnCNeptune, Bitmine.ch, AvalonClone85GH, TeraHashDXLarge, Antminer T17, Antminer T17e, Antminer S19pro, Whatsminer M30S+ and the Whatsminer M30S++, Halong mining dragonmint T1. Curently our main facilities are located in Sweden, London, Leeds, Thorlby and Gargrave. This year we decided to develop a business plan to expand the business outside the Sweden. We plan to build a few mining centers in USA, Canada, Germany and Australia. In order to ensure investors timely profit and return of investment; we have registered the company in Sweden. Since then, we have officially accepted investments from all corners, regardless of clients country of residence. Technically speaking, the company offers an advantageous placement of funds under trust management with Escrow bodies with the ability to make daily profits and get back principal deposit at any time. You can start a plan right away to enrol for lifetime profits on your crypto mining investment.

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